[Intro] x2

F  C  Dm  Bb

[Verse 1]

F               C              Dm                Bb                        F
Must be your skin, I'm sinkin' in.  Must be for real,    'Cause now I can feel.
            C                Dm                 Bb                 F
I didn't mind,  It's not my kind.  It's not my time,    To wonder why.
                     C                  Dm               Bb                F
Everything's gone white, Everything's gray.  Now you're here, Now you're away.
             C               Dm               Bb                 F
Don't want this, Remember that. I'll never forget, Where you're at.


C              Dm     Bb
Don't let the days go by.
        F       C       Bb      F
Glycerine               Glycerine


F    C    Bb    F

[Verse 2]

             C                       Dm             Bb           F
I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time. Are you at one, Do you lie.
                C                     Dm                Bb                          F
We live on a wheel, Where everyone steals. And when we rise, It's like strawberry fields.
             C                  Dm                      Bb                            F
Treated you bad, You bruise my face. Couldn't love you more, You've got a beautiful taste.


C               Dm    Bb   F              C         Dm
Don't let the days go by, Could've been easier on you.
             Bb                     F
I couldn't change, Though I wanted to.
                C          Dm                   Bb                F        C    Bb
Should've been easier by three, Our old friend fear, and you and me.
        F               C       Bb      F
Glycerine                       Glycerine
C              Dm       Bb                F
Don't let the days go by        Glycerine
C              Dm       Bb F C  Dm Bb  F C
Don't let the days go by
Dm                Bb        F C
Glycerine       Glycerine
Dm                Bb
Glycerine       Glycerine
Dm              Bb      Dm         Bb
Bad moon white again,   Bad moon white again.
        Dm              Bb F
As she falls around me.

[Verse 3]

             C                  Dm              Bb              F
Needed you more, You wanted us less. Could not kiss,    Just regress.
              C                      Dm                     Bb                          F
It might just be, Clear simple and plain. Well that's just fine, That's just one of my names.


C              Dm     Bb      
Don't let the days go by,
 F                C       Dm              Bb
Could have been easier on you. . .you. . .you. . .

        F        C    Bb      F        C    Bb
Glycerine             Glycerine
        F        C    Bb      F        C    Bb    F
Glycerine             Glycerine