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AC/DC – Demon Fire

[Riff] Riff 1 e|———–| B|———–| G|———–| D|——–2–| A|–1-0—2–| E|——3-0–| Riff 2 e|—————————0–| B|—————————0–| G|—————————1–| D|–2-1-0——————–2–| A|——–2-1-0—0-1-0——2–| E|————–3——-3-0–0–| Riff 3 e|———————–| B|——————–3–| G|——————–2–| D|——————–0–| A|———————–| E|–0-4-0-5-0-6-0-7-0—-| Riff 4 e|——————–3–| B|——————–3–| G|——————–0–| D|——————–0–| A|–0-4-0-5-0-6-0-7-0-2–| E|——————–3–| [Intro] Riff 1         He loves to drive ’em crazy Riff 1  A           B         With his evil lips Riff 1         […]

AC/DC – Shot In The Dark

[Intro] |A |A  D G | 2x |A |A  D | 2x [Verse 1]           A I need a pick me up                         D A Rollin’ Thunder truck A                      D I need a shot of you            A That tattooed lady wild                     D Like a mountain lion          A                               D I got a hunger, […]

AC/DC – Realize

[Intro] A  G    (G)     A  D    (D)     A  G    (G)     A  D    (D)                             The moment you realize A   G   D A  G  A  [Verse 1] A         G           D  A     G   A    Those moments just pass you by A   G  D A  G  A  A           G         D  A  […]

Metallica – The Unforgiven

[Intro] Am Am C G Em Am C G E Am [Verse] Am                    Em         D               Am New blood joins this earth  and quickly he’s sub-dued.                          Em         D                      Am Through constant pain disgrace, the young boy learns their rules.                           Em       D                 Am With time the child draws in this whipping boy done wrong.                      […]