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Taylor Swift – August

Ritim : AAA-AY-YAYA-A A : Aşağı Y : Yukarı Kapo : 3 [Verse 1] D                   G           Em Salt air, and the rust on your door                           A I never needed anything more D        G             Em Whispers of “Are you sure?”                     A Never have I ever before [Chorus]     D But I can see us lost in the memory […]

Taylor Swift – Cardigan

Ritim : A-A-A-AYAY A : Aşağı Y : Yukarı Kapo : 1 [Verse 1] Em                          A   Vintage tee, brand new phone                          G   High heels on cobblestones                                           A   When you are young they assume you know nothing Em                          A                  G   Sequined smile, black lipstick, sensual politics                                             A    When you are […]

Taylor Swift – Betty

Ritim : AAA-AY-AAA-AY A : Aşağı Y : Yukarı [Intro] C  C/B  Am  Gsus4  F Gsus4  [Verse 1] C       C/B            Am Betty, I won’t make assumptions       Gsus4                 F About why you switched your homeroom                           Gsus4 But I think it’s cause of me C       C/B            Am Betty, one time I was riding       Gsus4             […]

Taylor Swift – Exile

[Intro] e|———————————————-| B|———–0———————————-| G|———1—-1—–1————————-| D|——————4—————4———–| A|——————————–7——-7-4-7-| E|0—–0—–0—–0—–4—–4—–4—–4—| Kapo : 2 [Intro] E C#m (2x) [Verse 1] E I can see you standing, honey C#m With his arms around your body E                                         C#m Laughin’, but the joke’s not funny at all E And it took you five whole minutes C#m To pack us up and leave […]

Kadoline – Everyone Changes

[Verse 1] F#m               D               A           E We say that the hardest thing to do is say goodbye F#m          D            A             E This is the hardest thing (Hardest thing) F#m           D                A           E We tried to stitch it up and now I wonder why F#m           D            A  E  Why is this happening to me? [Pre-Chorus]                   F#m                D But it […]