AC/DC – Demon Fire

[Riff] Riff 1 e|———–| B|———–| G|———–| D|——–2–| A|–1-0—2–| E|——3-0–| Riff 2 e|—————————0–| B|—————————0–| G|—————————1–| D|–2-1-0——————–2–| A|——–2-1-0—0-1-0——2–| E|————–3——-3-0–0–| Riff 3 e|———————–| B|——————–3–| G|——————–2–| D|——————–0–| A|———————–| E|–0-4-0-5-0-6-0-7-0—-| Riff 4 e|——————–3–| B|——————–3–| G|——————–0–| D|——————–0–| A|–0-4-0-5-0-6-0-7-0-2–| E|——————–3–| [Intro] Riff 1         He loves to drive ’em crazy Riff 1  A           B         With his evil lips Riff 1         […]