1965 Impala “The Imposter” was built to compete at the Detroit Autorama. Received the top prize, the Ridler Award

1965 Impala

The 1965 Impala “The Imposter” is a one-of-a-kind custom car that was built by Foose Design to compete at the 2015 Detroit Autorama. This impressive vehicle took home the top prize, the prestigious Ridler Award, which is considered one of the most coveted awards in the custom car industry.

The “Imposter” is a true work of art, with every detail carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed. The exterior of the car features a sleek and stylish body that has been completely restyled and modified to give it a unique and eye-catching appearance. The car sits on a custom-made set of Foose wheels, which give it a menacing stance and add to its overall aggressive look.

1965 Impala

Under the hood, the “Imposter” is powered by a 502 cubic inch big block engine that delivers plenty of power and torque. The engine has been modified with a variety of performance enhancements, including a set of high-performance headers and a custom exhaust system. The car also features a fully rebuilt and upgraded suspension system, which helps it handle and perform like a true sports car.

Inside the “Imposter,” you’ll find a luxurious and comfortable cabin that has been tastefully appointed with top-quality materials and craftsmanship. The car features a set of custom leather seats, a custom dashboard and instrumentation, and a state-of-the-art audio system.

1965 Impala

Overall, the 1965 Impala “The Imposter” is a truly unique and exceptional vehicle that showcases the incredible talents of Foose Design. It’s no wonder that it took home the top prize at the 2015 Detroit Autorama, and it continues to turn heads and capture the attention of car enthusiasts everywhere. So, if you are a car enthusiast and want to see this masterpiece in person, be sure to check it out at a car show near you.

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