Our 1962 Volkswagen Beetle Volksrod Hot Rod Build Project: Building a Father-Son Bond

1962 Volkswagen Beetle

The 1962 Volkswagen Beetle has always been a classic, beloved car. For us, it holds a special place in our hearts as we embarked on a father-son bonding project to transform it into a Volksrod Hot Rod. In this article, we’ll take you through our journey of building this classic car, the challenges we faced, and the rewarding experiences that brought us closer together.

Our 1962 Volkswagen Beetle was a rusty old car that we purchased from a local junkyard. We knew that it would be a challenging project, but we were determined to transform it into a unique and stylish hot rod. We spent countless hours researching and planning the build, including choosing the right parts, modifying the chassis, and designing the body.

The first step in our build project was to strip the Beetle down to its bare bones. We wanted to create a Volksrod Hot Rod, which meant modifying the chassis to accommodate the new bodywork. We chopped the roof and created a custom body kit that included a sleek hood, flared fenders, and a lowered stance. We added new paint to the bodywork, giving it a bold and eye-catching look.

We wanted the interior of our Volkswagen Beetle to be just as impressive as the exterior. We installed a new dashboard, added custom gauges, and replaced the old seats with racing seats. We also added a new sound system and air conditioning to make driving this car a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The heart of our Volksrod Hot Rod is the engine. We decided to swap the original engine with a more powerful one, a 2.3-liter Ford Pinto engine. We added a turbocharger and a custom exhaust system to give the car a distinct sound and enhance its performance.

Building a car from scratch is never easy, and we faced numerous challenges during the project. One of the biggest obstacles was sourcing the right parts, which required us to search through junkyards, online marketplaces, and specialty shops. We also encountered difficulties in modifying the chassis and bodywork to create the desired look and performance.

1962 Volkswagen Beetle
1962 Volkswagen Beetle

Our father-son bonding project was a success, and we are incredibly proud of our 1962 Volkswagen Beetle Volksrod Hot Rod. We learned a lot about mechanics, design, and working together as a team. Building this car brought us closer together, and we will always cherish the memories we created during the project. If you’re considering a similar build project, be prepared for the challenges, but know that the rewards of the journey are worth it.

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